Participate in the consultation

Canarias Geo Innovation Program 2030
I want to participate in the Consultation.

Participate in the consultation

The consultations will be regulated according to the announcement published in the contracting platform of the state available here. The following are the main aspects to consider:

What is a consultation?

Consultations seek to promote the participation of natural or legal persons in the submission of innovative proposals for responding to a series of challenges by using technologies that surpass the services currently available on the market.

These proposals will help evaluate the market’s capacities and define the functional specifications that involve innovation and which can be achieved through possible public purchasing of innovation or another public procurement instrument.

Who can participate?

The process is open to any natural or legal person, public or private, that intends to collaborate with PTFSA (Fuerteventura Technological Park) by providing information that improves the definition and scope of possible projects for procurement.

Multiple proposals can be submitted by a single natural or legal person be it individually or as a group with others.

How can I participate?

All proposals submitted must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Participants must design their proposals by filling out the following request form. Any additional documentation deemed relevant may be attached to the form, as it can help provide greater detail on the proposal. However, to make its analysis process smoother, please follow the form closely.
  2. The form and additional documentation must be sent through the form that appears when you click on “Submit a proposal”. Alternatively, it can be sent to the following e-mail address:
  3. Proposals will be identified by a unique acronym. In the event the form and additional documentation are sent to the e-mail address indicated above, the project’s acronym must be included in the subject line of the message.
  4. The confidentiality of the additional documents submitted must be clearly indicated in the title and content of each and every one of them.
  5. Proposals that have already been submitted may be modified through the “Submit a proposal” web form by filling in the information and changing the project’s acronym “acronymproject_v2 (3, 4, etc.)”. If a new version of the form and the additional documentation are sent through-mail, the project’s acronym and version number must be indicated in the subject line, just like with the web form [“acronymproject_v2 (3, 4, etc.)”].
  6. In the event a proposal is submitted by a group of people or entities, only one e-mail address should be used to identify the proposal and communicate with the submitters.
  7. Participants shall bear any costs incurred from participating in the process.
  8. Proposals may be presented at any time after the date on which the call for proposals is published, for as long as it remains open.
  9. The PTFSA is under no obligation to accept or fund any of the proposals submitted.
I want to participate in the Consultation.